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D.ESCAL8 in association with like minded partner organisations can bring you these fully operational de-escalation training hubs

delivering accessible de-escalation training for carers and family members

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West Wales 19-21st September '17


West Wales Family TBC


South West BILD Nov 17


South West Family TBC

Free places

D.ESCAL8 are committed to assisting those caring for individuals in distress who may not have the resources to access top level training such as ours. Since the start of the company we have given free places to parents, family members, volunteers and staff in difficult circumstances. Therefore we have given away this % of places free on BILD Accredited Training Workshops in 2016.


Free places on BILD Accredited training D8 gave away in 2016

What Participants Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our participants do the talking!

“The course was everything I expected and more. We have previously used a different company, however we decided to change providers because following the previous training, on the rare occasion a team member had needed to use the techniques, they had been unable to remember them. Following this course, all staff felt confident they would remember the procedures! This was mainly because they had actually practised all of the techniques during ‘as close to real life as possible’ role plays. I highly recommend this course!”

— R.S.

BCBA & Director

“I have to say that in our profession we are often given models of intervention to use and the theory behind them, but applying them in reality often fails. Your course helped me challenge my own belief system in understanding the psychological impact of ‘power’ in applying re-enforcement theory for children and young people with Learning disabilities. Your course provides a realistic interpretation of the work environment and how to remain calm and it certainly tests participants! Listening to your own experience and your realistic role plays certainly causes you to reflect on your own practice and how you will go forward to help carers in their roles. Thank you.”

— K.Z.

Supervising Social Worker

“Really excellent course and Des is an exceptional Facilitator and Trainer. The three days were extremely challenging and thought provoking but also really enjoyable and clearly vital for anyone working with vulnerable individuals. Des puts the relationship first and his techniques help to question established approaches where the needs of those in the care of others is sometimes lost due to behaviour or environments that can be challenging. Highly recommend it to any employer providing care services to vulnerable individuals.”

— A.P.


Please see a host of testimonials on this page

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions that may not be covered here

- please do not hesitate to email admin@de-escalate.com with any further queries and our team will contact you back as soon as possible

Is the course Accredited with BILD?

Yes. Our courses have been accredited to the latest British Institute of Learning Disabilities BILD Code of Practice (2014). The logo on your certificate is automatic for current D.ESCAL8 customers.

The courses are open to all - If you would like a BILD logo on your certificate and are not a current customer please mention this on the registration form and we will contact you to arrange this.

BILD Accredited Courses:

  • 3 day Foundation Developing Positive Relationships with individuals in distress – Adults
  • 3 day Foundation Developing Positive Relationships with individuals in distress – Children and Young People
  • In house Trainers Project

please see de-escalate.com for further information

Do I have to pay when I register?

No, currently the system is set up for you to register without payment. Registering reserves a place. We will then contact you to discuss your needs and confirm the course is right for you.

This gives you time to interact and be sure you are comfortable with your registration prior to payment. All participants are invoiced with a due date prior to the course. If you have decided not to attend, please let us know on admin@de-escalate.com as soon as you make this decision so we can offer your place to a person who may be on the waiting list.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a bank transfer of all of the registration cost if infomed over 28 days prior to the workshop. Within this time period we offer a sliding graduated refund policy. Please contact admin@de-escalate.com for more information.

Will refreshments be provided?

We will provide the usual refreshments for breaks.

  • Tea & Coffee
  • Biscuits

Please note - lunch is not provided.

I have a friend who may want to attend - can I alter my invoice to the discounted level

Yes, you can upgrade at any time after registration.

  • If you upgrade prior to invoicing. All the relevant features from the new pricing will be in effect. Just as your friend to fill in the same registration form and send an email to admin@de-escalate.com with the relevant names and information on who is to be invoiced.
  • After Invoicing - please send a message to admin@de-escalate.com with your contact details and we will arrange to contact you.
What is the location of the Training?

Within 48 hours of registration you will be sent information on the courses including the location of the training. This can vary depending on room bookings however you will have full access to this information prior to parting with any money. Current de-escalation training hubs include:

  • The heart of West Wales - venue Carmarthenshire / Pembrokeshire click here
  • South West Region - venue usually Bristol click here
  • Professionals "one off" Open Workshop - venue Cardiff Area. If this is of interest please click here

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